To produce Shades and Outdoor Furniture that is functional, stylish, and innovative for any seasons, any occasions…for all to enjoy that very special moment.


Specialist in producing and supplying innovatively crafted, quality design umbrellas and parasols.


Seven Decades Of Success

We are passionate in making well-design products that brings confidence, style and comfort to end users; with customers who value well-made quality shades, prints, on-time, speed delivery & reliability. A wealth of experience with an international exposure to meet customers’ expectations

  • 1947


    The founder of the company, the late Mr. Goh Tiew Ann was a fishmonger who owns a stall at Joo Chiat Market (now Joo Chiat Complex). He would be up at 3am every day to be at the Joo Chiat Pier (now part of the reclaimed land for Marine Parade), buy the freshest catch of fish of the day and return to his stall and to resell them.  The idea of selling umbrellas came about as he had to endure heavy rain pour during periods when he had to cycle between the Pier and his stall at Joo Chiat Market.  Thus, began the journey of doing and repairing umbrellas in the afternoon once he had finished his fishmonger trade by 10am.  This would carry on till the evening where he would then sell to the local stores in the surrounding areas.  Through tireless effort and progressive growth, the late Mr. Goh traded the fishmonger trade to umbrella making trade as business improves.

  • 1950s – 1970s

    1950s – 1970s

    The first factory in the shophouse at 186 Joo Chiat Road

  • 1980s


    Factory relocated to Eunos with bigger floor area

  • 1990s


    Factory facilities was integrated and moved to current location in Xiamen, China

  • 2000s


    Established and expand outdoor parasol capability as well as other outdoor advertising products

  • 2010s


    Established and develop Eco friendly outdoor furniture for alfresco dinning and outdoor furniture comfort.

    Incorporation from Ming Say Holdings to MS1947